From Delmenhorst into the big wide world Prepare the ground for numerous buildings

Just a tiny dot on the map. But how influential.

Company brochure designed for Anker-Linoleumwerke Delmenhorst by PeterBehrens, 1907.

Delmenhorst: A small town in the Oldenburger Land, far away from the bustling cities of the world. A centre for cork processing for centuries, surrounded by fields and meadows where cows still happily graze. Who would have thought that this dreamy little town would one day prepare the ground for numerous buildings – and milestones of architecture all over the globe.

Pattern design department of Hansa-Linoleumwerke Delmenhorst, around 1910.

Even the most spectacular buildings are given a stylish basis by the products developed and made here and at all of Armstrong‘s other virtually unknown sites with the expertise of German manufacturing - in Paris, Copenhagen and Berlin, Milan and Barcelona, but also in New York and Shanghai. Although great distances may well lie between these bustling cities and Armstrong‘s production plants, when it comes to architecture and design the floor coverings manufactured there have enjoyed an international reputation for years. One important factor for such success is an unbeatable combination: the international flair and rapid response of a global player matched with the reliable structures of regional and local service centres. It is this very philosophy of combining an international approach with proximity that offers business partners the greatest advantages: They benefit from consulting as equal partners, based on a global knowledge of the market as well as a portfolio precisely tailored to regional requirements. And from a direct partnership which, wherever possible, relies on sustainable production with local supply.

At DLW’s press house for inlaid linoleum in Bietigheim, 1930.

This is only one of the reasons that has helped Armstrong to become one of the world‘s biggest manufacturers of floor coverings, offering an enormous product range for virtually every application in the commercial sector. Linoleum is the no-compromise classic in Armstrong‘s product portfolio, which contains over 50 different floor coverings, developed in the company‘s design ateliers and manufactured at its production plants. From there they are then dispatched to all corners of the earth. So does it matter that their home is just a tiny dot on the map?