Introducing the company Armstrong and the DLW

Armstrong ranks among the leading producers of floor coverings worldwide. With its extensive product range, the company offers almost unlimited possibilities for creative spatial design.

Linoleum was invented by Frederick Walton in England in the year 1860. Already by 1890, 120 employees in Delmenhorst produced about 400,000 square metres of Linoleum per year. In 1926, the Deutsche Linoleumwerke A.G. Delmenhorst (DLW) was established.

Today, Armstrong sells numerous product lines globally which supports planning for international projects. Together with Armstrong, architects regularly design new collections or project-specific new colours with a unique effect. Under the DLW brand, Armstrong sells elastic and textile commercial floor coverings in Europe: Linoleum, Vinyl, Luxury Vinyl as well as Fibrebonded floor coverings which are all excellently suited for a variety of uses and applications.

Bright colour pigments make an almost unlimited variety of linoleum colours possible

The well-sounding brand name DLW is today still strongly associated with Linoleum whose production and marketing has a long tradition. The renewable raw materials used make the product very interesting particularly today under the aspect of sustainability. In Germany, as early as in 1882 the first Linoleum manufacturing company was founded in Delmenhorst. Architects, designers and artists such as Peter Behrens, Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier created colours and designs for DLW Linoleum. They used Linoleum as an effective design means for interior architecture and established an artistic tradition which Armstrong continues to this day.

Bright colour pigments make an almost unlimited variety of linoleum colours possible.

The DLW Vinyl und DLW Luxury Vinyl collections supplement the product range. The high and internationally distinguished product and design quality of all DLW floor coverings represents the core statement of the DLW brand. With the DLW Fibrebonded Floor Covering Collection, a multitude of product variants are available in attractive colours for highly-used commercial objects. Here, the classic Strong in particular has always lived up to its name and sets the highest standards.

In addition to a wide range of products, Armstrong offers an international sales and marketing staff with high consulting competence in the sectors of healthcare, education, office and retail. A committed team supports architects and designers in selecting the ideal floor covering. Always upto-date but also timeless collections oriented on qualitative and aesthetic requirements are available, as are individual, unusual solutions to fulfil the architects’ wishes for realizing a specific actual project – not last so their exciting and unique projects can be reported on in the future as well.